WordPress maintenance packages


  • carrying out and regularly reviewing general and WordPress specific security settings
  • incoming website traffic monitoring, screening if necessary
  • regular updating of website components, immediate installation of security updates
  • regular virus checking, removal of possible infections
  • regular, if necessary, even hourly backup on a server independent of the website*
  • * can be ordered as a separate service, in which case it costs extra 2200 HUF / month
    6500 Ft


  • everything in the SECURITY package
  • general availability with a maximum response time of 12 hours
  • occasional content upload, modification (eg images, text, price lists)
  • fixing minor bugs, making minor website changes (e.g. appearance bugs, structural changes)
  • regular measurement of loading speed, website optimisation
  • create and manage access, email and website accounts
  • technical administration as required, administration (e.g. in relation to domains)
  • cooperation with marketing specialist, correction of technical SEO errors
  • reduced hourly fee for works and developments outside the package (5000 HUF/hour instead of 8000 HUF/hour)
  • 15.000 HUF