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Our services

Website development

Presentation website, corporate website, custom websites. We help you find and design the best online platform for you.

Webshop development

We create an easy-to-use, professional online store for you to sell your products quickly and efficiently.


If you want to extend your website or webshop with new features or need custom solutions, we can design and build them.


Run your website from our fast and secure cPanel hosting with outstanding resources, optimized for WordPress sites.


We provide a complete technical background for your business' online interfaces, so you can focus all your efforts on your own work.


We'll scan, secure and keep your website fresh, so it's always technically impeccable and up to date.

Emergency aid

Is something not working properly? Has your website become inaccessible? Or just need a tweak in the design? We can fix it.

Infection removal

We will clean and restore your infected website, eliminate outbound and inbound spam, strengthen your site's security.


In the event of a change of hosting provider or domain change, we can help you move your website or webshop smoothly.


We speed up your website or webshop so that you no longer lose visitors and customers due to slow page loading.

Education, consultation

If you have questions, are stuck, or want to learn how to build a website yourself, we're here for you.

Our prices

6 500 Ft / hónap
20 000 Ft / weboldal
15 000 Ft / weboldal
Emergency aid
6 500 Ft / óra
For all websites and services full guarantee we undertake.
Service guarantee
If an error is discovered after a project or task has been completed, we'll fix it for free.
We only expect to be paid for real results. If, in the course of performing a task, we find that we cannot help you in any meaningful way, we will not charge you a salary.
Satisfaction guarantee
If for any reason you're not happy with our work, you don't have to pay for it, and we'll reimburse you for any previous costs.
The prices shown are indicative and a detailed quotation will be sent in each case.
The prices indicated for the services are for an average sized business website, for other types and sizes of websites they may vary in both directions.