Webshop development

All our online stores are guaranteed:
Every project is tailor-made and built from the ground up.
We know and follow the latest trends in web development.
Blazing fast site load without lagging.
A website free of viruses and spam that complies with all protocols.
Tasteful design, flawless appearance on all devices.
Easy to use for you and your customers.
Let us create your online store for you!

What tools do we use?

WordPress + WooCommerce is a very popular combination that can serve as the basis for unique and versatile web stores. Well supported, continuously developed and maintained, open source, free tools. Many third-party services develop their own APIs and extensions for them, so compatibility is mostly a given.

Oxygen Builder is a framework primarily for developers, which replaces the standard WordPress template system one by one, giving the possibility to create fully customized websites and webshops built from the ground up. Consequently, the resulting site will not be cluttered with a lot of unnecessary code (which usually causes speed, security and compatibility issues) like most ready-to-purchase ecommerce templates or websites put together by site builders for the lay audience.

Premium plugins

Furthermore we use only proven, high quality plugins. We have licenses for a number of premium plugins, which we can provide for our customers at a discount or even free of charge.

Custom developments

If it is not worth installing a separate plugin to solve a problem, or if a high quality, sufficient and cost-effective ready-made solution is not available, then we write the necessary codes and we will create customised developments.

How much does a webshop cost?

Of course, there is no universal answer to this question, as there can be huge differences between webshops and webshops, and the cost of creating them can vary widely. Below we outline what costs should be expected for a simple basic webshop.

Hosting and domain

Every professional website needs a high quality hosting and a domain name owned by yourself or your company (with the exception of the various rental website and ecommerce systems, where a ready-made, but very limited customisable infrastructure is available).

Cheap, low-quality hosting should be avoided, as they often lead to security problems and slow websites.
We can provide high quality storage for our customers.

.hu domain: 1800-3000 Ft/domain/year
.com, .eu, .info, .net: 3000-6000 Ft/domain/year

Software (plug-ins, external services)

WordPress and WooCommerceare free to use softwares for both private and business purposes.

From Oxygen Builder full version currently 179 dollárért but as all our projects are built on Oxygen to ensure high quality and cost-efficiency, it is free of charge for our customers.

Sometimes, a good quality plug-in for a desired feature already exists, ready to buy, which can be used to replace part or all of a custom development. In such cases, the most cost-effective solution is usually to buy it. We can provide our customers many premium extensions at a great discount or even free of charge, so we can reduce project costs. In all such cases, we will inform you about the options and the exact costs.

It is also worth anticipating the cost of external services related to the website / webshop. This could include the cost of a newsletter or other marketing system, CRM, billing system, courier plug-ins and website transactions.

Charges for credit card payments

There are several options for accepting payments by credit card. These can be divided into two distinct groups: 1. banks' own official payment terminals (e.g. OTP, CIB, K&H) 2. financial intermediary terminals (e.g. Barion, Paylike Stripe, Braintree, PayPal)

All providers charge a percentage cost on transactions, depending on provider and traffic this can be between 1% and 3.5%. Some providers, in addition to the percentage fee, have a fixed fee charged per transaction, typically 70-90 HUF.

Before choosing, you should carefully consider the differences between providers, because in the long run there can be significant differences in both financial and comfort.

Work fee

Egy használatra kész webáruház elkészítésének átlag díja 490.000 Ft.

The price above includes everything you need for a simple, but high quality and ready-to-use webshop, i.e.

  • reviewing the technical parameters of the selected hosting provider, fine-tuning where necessary and possible
  • complete security settings
  • installation and licence fees for the software on which the site is based
  • the structure of the webshop according to the requirements of the project
  • preparation of the related pages (e.g. introduction, contact, masthead, etc.)
  • basic design development and implementation by prior arrangement, guaranteeing a responsive display suitable for all screen sizes
  • uploading and placing content (images, texts, legal documents, etc.) outside the store section of the site
  • creating contact forms, setting up e-mail accounts associated with the domain
  • the integration of the payment system(s) chosen by the customer
  • technical search engine optimisation of the site
  • optimise the speed and performance of the site
  • if necessary, present the management of the store to the competent authorities

Optional services over and above the basic work fee:

  • development and integration of custom functions (programming)
  • connecting and linking external services (billing system, CRM, newsletter or other marketing system, additional social media functions, etc.)
  • product database (pre)production, import, manual uploading of products
  • daily level offsite back-ups (for higher traffic, preferably every few hours), thus minimising the risk of data loss
  • regular maintenance, operation
If you want a fast and secure online store that meets all your demands, contact us and we'll send you a detailed quotation after discussing your exact needs.

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